Terminal 1 – Domestic and International Flights

More than a dozen airlines compete in the domestic and International market at Entebbe Airport (EBB). EBB can be categorised in overlapping ways into public sector, private sector, civil enclaves and international.  The airport is connected to all parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East. There are multiple flights to Entebbe per day, operated by over 15 airlines.

Terminal transfer

There is only one terminal at Entebbe with less than 10 minutes to get out and see the pearl of Africa.

Demand responsive shuttle buses

Although some public bus operators in Uganda have moved into the demand responsive transport sector thus bridging the gap between premium fixed route bus services and private hire airport taxicab as well as  incorporating an area in which the service can vary its route to pick up pre-booked passengers, do not expect to have shuttle buses at Entebbe airport!

Express services

Several long distance express bus and coach operators make airports hubs of their service networks out there. This isn’t the case at Entebbe airport. You will likely use vehicles, taxi cabs,  that have any extra modification beyond the standard express bus or coach specification.

A specialist express bus operation is that of the likes of easy Bus, that runs minibus services from stops in Entebbe London direct to Kampala City.

How much does a taxi cost?

Taxis to/from Entebbe and or Kampala City bill according to their negotiation power. Expect to pay $40-120, depending on how many people you are, where in Kampala you want to go, what time you depart the airport, and how bad traffic is. Taxis can hold up to 4 passengers (5 in minivan taxis) and generally have pretty big trunks that can hold quite a lot of luggage. You may tip especially if the service is very good but its not mandatory in Uganda.